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Communicative Competence Approaches to Language Proficiency Assessment: Research and Application (Multilingual Matters: Volume 9)

By: Charlene Rivera (ed.)

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Clevedon, Philadelphia, USA, Multilingual Matters Ltd: 1984

Seller ID: 006950

ISBN: 0-905028-21-X

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

Learning and Behaviour Difficulties in School

By: D.J. Leach and E.C. Raybould

Price: $8.00

Publisher: London, UK, Open Books: 1977

Seller ID: 007659

ISBN: 0-7291-0076-6

Binding: Hard Cover

Condition: Fair

Social Interchange in Infancy: Affect, Cognition, and Communication

By: Edward Z. Tronick (ed.)

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Baltimore, Maryland, USA, University Park Press: 1982

Seller ID: 007715

ISBN: 0-8391-1510-5

Binding: Hard Cover

Condition: Very Good

Child Development

By: Geoffrey Brown

Price: $9.00

Publisher: London, UK, Open Books: 1978

Seller ID: 010278

ISBN: 0-7291-0048-0

Binding: Hard Cover

Condition: Good

Child Phonology: Volume I: Production

By: Grace H. Yeni-Komshian, James F. Kavanagh and Charles A. Ferguson (eds.)

Price: $54.00

Publisher: London, UK, Academic Press: 1980

Seller ID: 004277

ISBN: 0-12-770601-1

Binding: Hard Cover

Condition: As New

Language and Learning

By: James Britain

Price: $2.25

Publisher: Harmondsworth, Middlesex, UK, Penguin Books: 1980

Seller ID: 012464

ISBN: 0-14-02-1456-9

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Fair

Alternatives to Piaget: Critical Essays on the Theory

By: Linda S. Siegel and Charles J. Brainerd (eds.)

Price: $35.00

Publisher: London, UK, Academic Press: 1978

Seller ID: 004270

ISBN: 0-12-641950-7

Binding: Hard Cover

Condition: New

A Child's Learning of English

By: Paul Fletcher

Price: $14.00

Publisher: Oxford, UK, Basil Blackwell in Association with Andre Deutsch: 1985

Seller ID: 003905

ISBN: 0-631-14282-7

Binding: Paperback

Condition: As New

Amy, Wendy, and Beth: Learning Language in South Baltimore

By: Peggy J. Miller

Price: $19.00

Publisher: Austin, Texas, USA, University of Texas Press: 1982

Seller ID: 004887

ISBN: 0-292-70357-0

Binding: Hard Cover

Condition: As New

Child Language: A Language Which Does Not Exist?

By: Willem Kaper

Price: $95.00

Publisher: Berlin, Germany, Foris Publications: 1985

Seller ID: 006572

ISBN: 90-6765-096-X

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Fine