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Cosmo Dictionary of Philosophy

By: Cosmo Publications

Price: $9.95

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Cosmo Publications:

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 015599

ISBN: 81-7755-533-2

Condition: New

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Understanding Philosophy: Eastern and Western Perspectives

By: Dr Manjulika Ghosh (ed.); Foreword By Professor D.P. Chattopadhyaya

Price: $20.65

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Sundeep Prakashan: 2005

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 012210

ISBN: 81-7574-154-6

Condition: New

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The Cambridge Companion to Augustine

By: Eleonore Stump and Norman Kretzman (eds.)

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press:

Seller ID: 010002

ISBN: 0-521-65985-X

Condition: New

It is hard to overestimate the importance of the work of Augustine of Hippo, both in his own period and in the subsequent history of Western philosophy. Until the thirteenth century, when he may have had a competitor in Thomas Aquinas, he was the most important philosopher of the medieval period. Many of his views, including his theory of the just war, his account of time and eternity, his understanding of the will, his attempted resolution of the problem of evil, and his approach to the relation of faith and reason, have continued to be influential up to the present time. In this volume of sp... View more info

Analyomen 2: Proceddings of the 2nd Conference, "Perspectives in Analytical Philosophy": Volume I: Logic, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science

By: Georg Meggle; Assisted By Andreas Mundt

Price: $125.00

Publisher: Berlin, Germany, Walter De Gruyter: 1997

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 005293

ISBN: 3-11-015253-3

Condition: Brand New

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Patterns of the Present: From the Perspective of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

By: Georges Van Vrekhem

Price: $3.35

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rupa & Co.: 2003

Edition: Second Impression

Seller ID: 002303

ISBN: 81-7167-768-1

Condition: New

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Ordinary Widom: Sakya Pandita's Treasury of Good Advice

By: John T. Davenport(translator

Price: $19.95

Publisher: Boston, USA, Wisdom Publications: 2000

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 037578

ISBN: 0861711610

Condition: Brand New

A popular guide to the art of living, the Sakya Legshe "Treasury of Good Advice" has been fundamental to the development of Tibetan culture and character. As in Aesop's Fables, Sakya Pandita uses proverbs and stories to address the basic question: "How are we to live peaceably with ourselves and with others?" Ordinary Wisdom is the only available English translation of the Sakya Legshe, a book that reveals the heart of the Buddhist way of life. Printed Pages: 364. View more info

The Spiritual Perceptions of Mahatma Gandhi

By: Ravindra Varma

Price: $9.40

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Rupa & Co.: 2006

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 014823

ISBN: 81-291-0910-7

Condition: New

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Image for The Philosophy of Gottlob Frege

The Philosophy of Gottlob Frege

By: Richard L. Mendelsohn

Price: $90.00

Publisher: Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press: 2005

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 012831

ISBN: 0-521-83669-7

Condition: New

This analysis of Frege’s views on language and metaphysics in ‘On Sense and Reference? arguably one of the most important philosophical essays of the past hundred years, provides a thorough introduction to the function/argument analysis and applies Frege’s technique to the central notions of predication, identity, existence and truth. Of particular interest is the analysis of the Paradox of Identity and a discussion of three solutions: the little-known Begriffsschrift solution, the sense/reference solution, and Russell’s ‘On Denoting?solution. Russell’s views wend their way through... View more info

Seek Out the Way: Studies in Light on the Path

By: Rohit Mehta

Price: $7.75

Publisher: Chennai, India, The Theosophical Publishing House: 1990

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 013691

ISBN: 81-7059-146-5

Condition: Very Good

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A Comparative Study of the Jaina Theories of Reality and Knowledge

By: Y.J. Padmarajiah; Foreword By E. Frauwallner

Price: $14.00

Publisher: New Delhi, India, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.: 2004

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 016359

ISBN: 81-208-0036-2

Condition: New

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