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1 Abortion in India: Ground Realities

Leela Visaria and Vimala Ramachandran (eds)

Routledge, New Delhi, India, 2007, 0415424127 / 9780415424127, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 352. 026858

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2 Adoption of Health Technologies in India: Implications for the AIDS Vaccine

Indrani Gupta, Mayur Trivedi, and Subodh Kandumathan

Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, 2007, 0761935908 / 9780761935902, First Edition, Paperback, New, 
The effectiveness of a new health technology is judged by both its accessibility and also the extent to which it has been adopted in a particular country. With the possibility of an AIDS vaccine in the near future, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) has emphasised the need for countries to prepare well in advance for its smooth access and adoption. Reiterating IAVI`s appeal, this book ably captures the course India needs to take for the successful adoption and implementation of the AIDS vaccine in India. The first of its kind, this book examines the adoption of four health technologies in India—Hepatitis B, No Scalpel Vasectomy, Voluntary Counselling and Testing and Antiretroviral Treatment. Using a set of parameters, the authors not only bring to light the various dimensions, strengths and weaknesses of adoption of health technologies in India, but also how and where more attention needs to be paid with regard to the adoption of the AIDS vaccine. Printed Pages: 236. 028695

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3 Almond Eyes Lotus Feet: Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health

Sharad Dwivedi and Shalini Devi Holkar

Collins, New York, USA, 2007, 0061246530 / 9780061246531, First Edition, Paper Back, New, 23.5 Cms x 15.5 Cms 
Printed pages: 269 alongwith numerous colour and b/w photographs. 036071

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4 Ayurveda and Life Impressions Body Work: Seeking Our Healing Memories

Donald Van Howten

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India, 8120815203 / 9788120815209, Paperback, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 296. 031136

Price: 32.00 USD
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5 Collector's Guide to Spas of India

Parineeta Sethi and Khuushboo Jain (eds)

Exposure Media Marketing Pvt. Ltd., 2009, 8190907506 / 9788190907507, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 28.5 x 28.5 Cm 
Printed Pages: 232 with numerous colour illustrations. 033332

Price: 84.95 USD
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6 Combating AIDS: Communication Strategies in Action

Arvind Singhal and Everett M. Rogers

Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, 2003, 076199727X / 9780761997276, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
The purpose of this book is to synthesize critical lessons learned about effective HIV/AIDS prevention programs, emphasizing the role of communication strategies. Combating AIDS focuses on communication strategies that could mobilize political action, target high-risk groups, and overcome stigma. The authors describe and analyze advocacy strategies, culturally-engaging targeted and tailored responses, and the entertainment-education strategy, including the use of television and radio soap operas to engage audiences emotionally and create a forum for public debate and discussion. Focusing on the work being carried out by individuals and organizations, this book humanizes the AIDS epidemic. Interesting, informative, and readable, it will be of interest to policymakers, practitioners, and scholars in the fields of public health, communication and change, development studies, social work, and public policy. Printed Pages: 428. 028693

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7 Constipation: Causes & Cure: Naturally and Permanently

Dr. Anand Dhingra

Divya Gahbh Sanskar & Anusandhan Kendra, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, 2012, 1419638696 / 9781419638695, Second Edition, Paperback, New, 14 x 21.5 Cm 
Printed Pages: 73. 037861

Price: 3.75 USD
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8 Discourses on Aging and Dying

Suhita Chopra Chatterjee, Priyadarshi Patnaik, and Vijayaraghavan Chariar (eds)

Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0761936440 / 9780761936442, First Edition, Paperback, New, 
The inevitability of aging and dying doesn`t make accepting and adjusting to their truths any easier. This collection of essays probes these truths from various angles: philosophical, religious, socio-ethical and medical. Discourses on Aging and Dying is a topical book—it comes at a time when, on the one hand, the world is witnessing an increase in the percentage of the aged population, and, on the other, traditional practices of caring for the aged are being replaced by more impersonal, state-driven methods. This well organized discourse explores philosophical traditions—Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic perspectives—to explain the concept of life and death, and offers strategies for coping with aging and dying. It then delves into the socio-ethical issues related to these in the Indian context—India, with its huge population, poor bio-medical facilities and the radically changing attitudes towards the aged, is facing a crisis. The final section of the book addresses a pressing problem confronting Indian society: end-of-life care. Printed Pages: 272. 028697

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9 Ethnic Healing Herbs for Cold Flu and Lung Ailments

S K Sood et al

Daya Publishing House, New Delhi, India, 2011, 8170356911 / 9788170356912, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 19 x 25 Cm 
The present compendium is first of its kind providing valuable data on 530 species belonging to 398 genera and 138 families of plants used by various ethnic societies of India for treating Cold, Flu and Lungs ailments; covering details of nomenclature, English, Hindi and Sanskrit names, Distribution, Part (s) used, Utilisation, Active constituents, Biological activity and the original source of Information. Over twenty photographs and seven appendices enhance the value of the compilation significantly. It is hoped, this invaluable compendium with its comprehensive coverage of the subject would help researchers and the medicinal plant industry in general for development of newer plant based drugs for alleviating human suffering. Audience: Students and Scholars of Ethnobotany, Economic Botany, Pharmacists, Medical Practitioners, Chemists, Biotechnologists, Plant Genetic Research Institutions, Universities Policy Planners. Printed Pages: 274 with color plates and indexes. 036899

Price: 20.00 USD
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10 Every Trainer's Handbook (Second Edition)

Devendra Agochiya

Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, 2009, 8132100816 / 9788132100812, Second Edition, Paperback, New, 
Every Trainer’s Handbook (Second Edition) is a practical guide that takes the reader through a step-by-step process of planning, organising and delivering an effective training programme. It offers concrete suggestions and guidelines to trainers for enhancing their knowledge and competencies while simultaneously engaging them in a substantive discussion on various concepts, theories and issues related to training. This new edition of the book enlarges the scope of the previous edition. Underscoring the importance of a cohesive and synthesised approach, it brings together all interrelated aspects of the learning process. Recognising the role a trainer has to play in handling situations that arise during the training sessions, the Handbook suggests action that a trainer may take to make the training more effective and the group more responsive to training activities. An entirely new section—Using Question-Response Approach for Enhancing Participation—has been added to help the trainer further strengthen trainer-group and participant-participant interaction during training sessions. To ensure that training agencies derive optimum benefits from their investment in training programmes, a chapter on ‘Contracting?has been added that recommends multi-lateral contracting between different stakeholders in training. The Handbook has been prepared keeping in view the needs of training different types of groups, in different settings, regardless of the nature of the groups or the themes of the training programmes. It is aimed at training managers, instructors at various training and educational institutions, organisers of workshops and seminars, those responsible for planning training programmes, and participants. Its content as well as its reader-friendly language and style make it suitable and relevant for all levels of trainers—the experienced ones or those who are new to professional training. It is a must-read for people specialising in the fields of business and management—training, human resource development, organisational design and development—and social development. Printed Pages: 440. 028700

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11 Exploring Yoga and Cancer

Dr. Swami Yogapratab

Yoga Publications Trust (Bihar School of Yoga), Munger, India, 2010, 81-86336-83-0, First Edition, Paperback, New, 14 Cms x 22 Cms 
Exploring Yoga and Cancer applies the insights of modern medical science and yogic understanding. An in-depth analysis is provided of how cancer develops, including at the subtle levels of being, the principles supporting yogic cancer management, and how yoga practices work to help reverse and manage the effects of cancer. Part 1 explains what cancer is and how it forms, and looks at the various causes. Part 2 examines how the yoga practices work to aid those with cancer. Detailed advice and information to assist the formation of yogic management plans for different people with different types of cancers is offered in Part 3. Part 4 presents an introduction to research in the field of yoga and cancer. Printed Pages: 264. 000251

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12 Expunging Variola: The Control and Eradication of Smallpox in India, 1947-1977

Sanjoy Bhattacharya

Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, India, 2006, 8125030182 / 9788125030188, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
As a crucial component of the global smallpox eradication programme, which has been widely hailed as one of the greatest public health successes in the twentieth century, the Indian experience has some important stories to tell. Expunging Variola reveals these as it chronicles the last three decades of the anti-smallpox campaigns in India. This wide-ranging study, based on extensive archival research in India, Britain, Switzerland and the United States of America, assesses the many complexities in the formulation and implementation of the smallpox eradication programme in the subcontinent. Rather than merely cataloguing the developments of this extremely complex exercise within the World Health Organisation headquarters in Geneva and the Indian central government in New Delhi, this book adopts a much broader perspective: it makes a conscious effort to provide a detailed view by including the accounts of WHO, governmental and nongovernmental personnel on the ground. In this manner, nuanced descriptions of important ?and often controversial ?situations are provided. Thus, apart from acknowledging the influence of national-, state- and district-level political, economic and social structures in continually reshaping the contours of the smallpox campaigns, this work also emphasises the crucial role played by field workers in implementing and often reinterpreting health strategies proposed by Geneva and New Delhi. Original not only in perspective but in material, based as it is on a wide range of sources which have never been exploited by academics before, Expunging Variola breaks new ground in the historiography of smallpox eradication in the subcontinent. The book serves as a companion volume to Fractured States which covers the period 1800-1947. Printed Pages: 344. 031659

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13 Healing with Qualities: The Essence of Time Therapy

Manuel Schoch

Sentient Publications, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 2005, 1591810310 / 9781591810315, First Edition, Paperback, New, 21.5 Cms x 14 Cms 
Printed Pgaes: 227. 034672

Price: 24.95 USD
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14 Health and Population in South Asia: From Earliest Times to the Present

Sumit Guha

Permanent Black, New Delhi, India, 2010, 81-7824-282-6 / 9788178242828, First Paperback Edition, Paperback, New, 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 184. 029223

Price: 7.25 USD
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15 Health from Nature: The Ultimate Guide to Physical and Mental Well-being

Jon Tillman, Dan Wolf, Kevin Hudson, and Susan Holden

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India, 2005, 81-7822-246-9 / 9788178222462, First Indian Edition, Paperback, New, 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 271. 035946

Price: 7.25 USD
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16 Health Policy in Britain's Model Colony: Ceylon (1900-1948)

Margaret Jones

Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, India, 2005, 8125027599 / 9788125027591, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
Was Western medicine a positive benefit of colonialism or one of its agents of oppression? This question has prompted a vigorous historical and political debate and is explored here in the context of the 'model' British colony of Ceylon. In this study, Margaret Jones emphasises the need for both a broad perspective and a more complex analysis. Colonial medicine is critiqued not merelyu in the political and economic context of imperialism but also against the background of human needs and rights. Her research is underscored by a detailed analysis of public health measures and services in Ceylon. One of its key findings is the accommodation achieved between Western and indigenous medicine. Throughout this work, Jones provides nuanced readings of the categories of colonised and coloniser, as well as the concept of colonial medicine. Health Policy in Britain's Model Colony provides an understanding of historical trends while simultaneously avoiding generalisations that subsume events and actions. Written in a compelling and lucid style, it is a path-breaking contribution to the history of medicine. Printed Pages: 326. 031661

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17 Health, Illness and Medicine: Ethnographic Readings

Arima Mishra (ed.)

Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, India, 2010, 8125039783 / 9788125039785, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 328. 033553

Price: 26.25 USD
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18 Human Health: A Natural Way

Jonathan Keyes

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India, 2009, 8178221632 / 9788178221632, First Edition, Paperback, New, 
Printed Pages: 338. 031388

Price: 7.25 USD
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19 Informed Self Care

M.M. Kapur

Orient Longman, New Delhi, India, 2001, 81-250-1961-8 / 9788125019619, First Edition, Paperback, Very Good, 16 x 24 Cm 
Printed Pages: 201. Slightly rubbed cover. 019982

Price: 5.50 USD
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20 Institutions, Consultants and Transformation: Case Studies from the Development Sector

Lalitha Iyer and Shaibai Guharoy (eds)

Response Books, New Delhi, India, 2009, 8178298678 / 9788178298672, First Edition, Paperback, New, 
This collection of case studies captures a range of issues faced by ‘institutions in transformation?in the social development sector, as they evolve and mature. Leadership transitions, gender issues at the workplace and the challenges of large systems owning up to their development agenda are some of the themes explored. The case studies included in the book comprise narrative reports on the change processes, reflective essays by the consultants and peer reviews. Practitioners have clearly identified the gaps between their initial assumptions and their actual experiences, providing interesting material for others to learn from. The voice and language of the narrator is retained, adding to the authenticity of the compilation. An overview of the tools used offers a ready guide to Organisation Development (OD) practitioners. This book is an invaluable addition to the available knowledge base both in terms of its content and the process that has been used to build the case studies. It will be of interest to consultants, students and teachers of OD and Organisational Behaviour. Human Resource Management Divisions in organisations will also find it useful. Printed Pages: 240. 028699

Price: 7.25 USD
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21 Keep the Doctor Away: A Simple Guide to Total Health

M.M. Chacko

Oyez Publications, Cochin, India, 1994, 81-900456-0-1 / 9788190045605, First Edition, Paperback, Very Good, 14 x 21 Cm 
Printed Pages: 197. Slightly rubbed cover. 022505

Price: 2.50 USD
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22 Modern Medicine and International Aid: Khunde Hospital, Nepal (1966-1998)

Susan Heydon

Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, India, 2009, 8125036970 / 9788125036975, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 379. 029062

Price: 18.00 USD
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23 Mudpacks and Prozac: Experiencing Ayurvedic, Biomedical and Religious Healing

Murphy Halliburton

Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, California, USA, 2009, 1598743996 / 9781598743999, First Edition, Paperback, New, 23 Cms x 15 Cms 
People seeking psychiatric healing choose from an almost dizzying array of therapies-from the medicated mudpacks of Ayurveda, to the pharmacopeia of Western biomedicine, to the spiritual pathways of the world's religions. How do we choose, what do the treatments offer, and how do they cure? In Mudpacks and Prozac, Murphy Halliburton investigates the very different ways in which Western, Ayurvedic, and religious (Christian, Muslim, and Hindu) healing systems define psychiatric problems and cures. He describes people's embodied experiences of therapies that range from soothing to frightening, and explores how enduring pleasure or pain affects healing. And through evocative portraits of patients in Kerala, India-a place of incredible cultural diversity that has become a Mecca for alternative medicine-Halliburton shows how sociopolitical changes around the globe may be limiting the ways in which people seek and experience health care, with negative effects on our quality of health and quality of life. Printed pages:232. 034679

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24 Natural Healthcare at Home: Doctor Mum's Quick Reference Guide

Kathy Duerr

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India, 2001, 81-7822-017-2 / 9788178220178, First Indian Edition, Paperback, New, 14 x 22 Cm 
Printed Pages: 77. 035947

Price: 3.50 USD
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25 Pathways of Empire: Circulation, Public Works and Social Space in Colonial Orissa, C. 17801-1914

Ravi Ahuja

Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, India, 2009, 8125035273 / 9788125035275, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
More and ‘improved?roads, railways and canals—are they ‘in the public interest?under all circumstances? Phrases like ‘public works?or ‘infrastructure?are rarely subjected to historical reflection. Colonial, nationalist and postcolonial operators have presented their transport policies as if they were informed by the needs of a ‘general public?and not shaped according to preferences of particularistic forces. Pathways of Empire moves beyond the technocratic progressivism of earlier writings on the history of transport. For the first time theories of ‘produced social space?are concretised in order to open a new perspective on India’s social history of circulation and infrastructure. Moreover, the prevalent and narrow focus on railways is overcome. The effects of the ‘steam revolution?are thus located in the wider context of existent South Asian regimes of circulation. Part I of this book develops a conceptual framework of social space that is applied in Part II to the specific historical contexts of the British-ruled districts and princely states of Orissa in the long nineteenth century. It reconstructs the slow transformation of an ancien régime of circulation that largely survived the colonial annexation of coastal Orissa by half century into a new regime of circulation that was well tuned in to the exigencies of colonial capitalism by World War I. Drawing upon extensive and unexplored archival materials, Ravi Ahuja discusses a wide range of issues including caravan and river trade, rural resistance against roads and canals, the effects of the 1866 famine, pilgrimage and migration, the commercialisation of princely states and the modernisation of forced labour. Interesting features of this book are eight historical maps grouped towards the end of the book and a 20 x 30 pull out map which shows in great detail the uneven terrain of Orissa and the feudatory states. The latter is folded and tucked into a pocket on the inside of the back cover. Printed Pages: 376. 031665

Price: 27.71 USD
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26 Principles of Health Economics

I. Sundar

Sarup Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India, 2009, 8176259888 / 9788176259880, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 484. 031081

Price: 37.50 USD
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27 Reproductive Health in India: New Evidence

Michael A. Koenig, Shireen Jejeebhoy, John C. Cleland, and Bela Ganatra (eds)

Rawat Publications, New Delhi, India, 2008, 81-316-0104-8 / 9788131601044, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 384. 031967

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28 School Health Services in India: The Social and Economic Contexts

Rama V. Baru (ed.)

Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, 2008, 8178298732 / 9788178298733, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
While the contribution of education to health has gained recognition, the reciprocal relationship between health and education and its outcomes have not been adequately studied. This work broadens the perspective on school health in India by locating it within the epidemiological and socio-economic context of children in the school-going age group. The collection explores the social context and programmes for school health in the country, including the Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Scheme, School Health Services and School Health Education. Studies have shown that socio-economic factors play a very important role in determining enrolment, retention, completion and learning in schools. School Health Services in India: The Social and Economic Contexts analyzes the relationship between levels of malnutrition and minor and major illnesses on the one hand, and socio-economic status, on the other. It also examines in detail the different components of the school health programme in India and how they function in different contexts. In addition, it showcases the experiences of three NGOs who have adopted innovative approaches to transact health education in government schools in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. This seminal work will be helpful to teachers and researchers working in the fields of Education and Health. It will also be immensely useful for researchers and faculty working in the areas of Social Medicine, Community Health and Social Work. Printed Pages: 228. 028692

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29 Social Security for the Elderly: Experiences from South Asia

S. Irudaya Rajan (ed.)

Routledge, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0415445434 / 9780415445436, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 390. 026859

Price: 19.95 USD
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30 Social Work and Mental Health

Malcolm Golightley

Rawat Publications, New Delhi, India, 2005, 9781844450686, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 186. 031922

Price: 29.95 USD
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31 State of Vaccination: The Fight Against Smallpox in Colonial Burma

Atsuko Naono

Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, India, 2001, 812503546X / 9788125035466, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
Researched in both London and Burma, State of Vaccination examines how a colonial medical establishment attempted to cope with the neglect that came from being on the periphery of British India. In Burma, local medical officers often doubled up as field officers, laboratory scientists, veterinarians, and teachers to compensate for the weak reach of the colonial state and the chronic shortages of funding and staff. More autonomy was surrendered to local colonial medical officers and the success of the vaccination effort was more vulnerable than in the presidencies to the limitations of transportation, preservation, and legislation, on the one hand, and the challenges of large-scale immigration, local inoculation, and indigenous resistance, on the other. By emphasizing the importance of the colonial medical sub-terrain on the periphery of British India, Atsuko Naono profiles the civil surgeon and his interactions with the local landscape. This book makes an important contribution to our understanding of the history of colonial medicine in Asia. This study begins in the nineteenth century, when Burma came under British rule after three successive wars, and ends with the constitutional separation from India in 1937. Compared to other areas that were a part of British India, Burma rarely figures in studies of colonial health in the British Empire. As a useful countervailing example of medicine under the Raj, incongruities between the colonial medicine practiced on the subcontinent and its periphery Burma are highlighted. Printed Pages: 252. 031724

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32 Strategic Issues and Challenges in Health Management

K.V. Ramani, Dileep Mavalankar, and Dipti Govil (eds)

Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0761936548 / 9780761936541, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
The Indian health system has a poor global ranking. A new perspective on health system planning and development is required to improve the situation and build a health system responsive to the needs of the country. Strategic Issues and Challenges in Health Management addresses these concerns while also highlighting the challenges in delivering efficient and effective health services. The book discusses health sector reforms like financing, Public-Private Partnership (PPP), higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It deals with national health programmes, focusing on maternal and child health, infectious diseases, tuberculosis and malaria. The problems of urban health in the context of transition of the demographic and disease pattern in urban areas is also brought to the fore. Critical issues related to health and economic development, future challenges facing health systems, the policy challenges facing the implementation of the PPP approach, the issue of equity in health financing, as well as the roadblocks to efficient establishment of PPP are analysed. The book also deals with restructuring of the health system, while exploring capacity development as a process of health management. Written by well-known academics, health policy makers and health managers, this volume shall be of interest to health professionals, students and scholars of health economics, as well as those working in the areas of health and strategic management. Printed Pages: 248. 028689

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33 The Greying of India: Population Ageing in the Context of Asia

Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti

Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, 2004, 0761998020 / 9780761998020, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
This book argues cogently that India’s policymakers need to urgently take up the cause of the elderly in order to create an environment that insures them against various risks and allows them to maintain as much economic independence and self-sufficiency as possible without disturbing the intergenerational balance. The first of its kind to be based on data from the National Sample Survey Organisation and providing a global perspective, this book constitutes the most comprehensive analysis of the causes and consequences of ageing in India. The major objectives of the book are to: - Document the rapid growth of older populations in India. - Address the key issues and topics related to ageing. - Assess the implications of demographic changes for programmes and policies for the aged. - Present an Elderly Status Index based on available data. Timely, stimulating and challenging, this book is packed with relevant and hitherto unanalysed data on ageing in India. In particular, it provides an exhaustive discussion on various conceptual and measurement issues relating to population ageing. Printed Pages: 472. 028698

Price: 24.25 USD
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34 The Hospital System and Health Care: Sri Lanka, 1815-1960

Margaret Jones

Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, India, 2009, 8125036792 / 9788125036791, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 466 with a folding map. 033854

Price: 25.00 USD
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35 The Indian Spa: Ayurveda. Yoga. Wellness. Beauty

Kim Inglis

Talisman Publishing Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2008, 9810593538 / 9789810593537, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 20 x 27 Cm Luca Invernizzi Tettoni 
Printed Pages: 336 with numerous colour illustrations. 023023

Price: 50.00 USD
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36 The Live Well Diet: The Easy Guide to Health and Weight Management

Dr Sarita Davare and Sanjeev Kapoor

Popular Prakashan, Mumbai, India, 2013, 8179917878 / 9788179917879, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
If staying healthy, staying trim, getting your body to work at its optimum has never been optional, then this is the book for you. The Live Well Diet book N sill change your concept of weight loss and dieting. The Live Well diet is a lifestyle and a remedy for better living. It's not about weight loss, it is about: Eating smart Eating many more meals per day Eating right Being active Staying hydrated through the day and ... Eating, eating, eating Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor along with Dr Santa Davare have worked together to put down over 140 recipes that you can choose and combine, mix and match and eat right, through your day. Is this a recipe book? It is not. Is it a diet book? Certainly not. It is both of this and more. This is about living well, now. Forever. What if we tell you that reading this book will make you lose weight? It will. And it will change the way you look at food and your own lifestyle forever. Printed Pages: 336. 037772

Price: 7.50 USD
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37 The Social History of Health and Medicine in Colonial India

Biswamoy Pati and Mark Harrison (eds)

Manohar, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0415462312 / 9780415462310, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 256. 036109

Price: 150.00 USD
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38 The Vital Drop: Communication to Eradicate Polio in India

Gitanjali Chaturvedi

Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, 2008, 817829866X / 9788178298665, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
The Vital Drop: Communication for Polio Eradication in India explains why communication is critical in ensuring the success of public health initiatives. Since a significant outbreak of polio in the country in 2002, several innovative strategies were introduced to ensure better outreach and efficacy of the intensified pulse polio initiative. This book records the communication journey that began in 2002 through important innovations aimed at including segregated and marginalised populations, as well as a very successful mass media campaign featuring cine star Amitabh Bachchan. An important lesson learnt was that for any public health communication to be successful, it had to be data driven. At the same time, it was essential for the initiative to generate data to demonstrate its effectiveness. Communication which was once regarded a `soft science` has now evolved to the extent that it can generate data that is verifiable and drives the intervention further. Key features of the book include: - It describes the variety of communication initiatives undertaken to reach out to India`s large, diverse, segregated and mobile populations. - It highlights the emphasis on evidence-both social and epidemiological-and the choices, approaches and course corrections in determining communication interventions. - It outlines the importance of the sophisticated surveillance and a frontline communication network. Printed Pages: 336. 028691

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39 Times Wellness Guide

Kalpana Joshi and Abhilasha Aggarwal

Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., New Delhi, India, 2007, 81-89906-02-X / 9788189906023, First Edition, Paperback, New, 12 x 18 Cm Jitender Kumar 
Printed Pages: 288 with numerous b/w illustrations. 019613

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40 Tribal Health: Studying Sexual Behaviour

Mohammad Akram

Rawat Publications, New Delhi, India, 2008, 81-316-0240-0 / 9788131602409, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 280. 031914

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41 Vitamins That Heal: Natural Immunity for Better Health

H.K. Bakhru

Orient Paperbacks, New Delhi, India, 1999, 81-222-0224-1 / 9788122202243, Second Printing, Paperback, Very Good, 12 x 18 Cm 
Printed Pages: 204. Slightly rubbed cover. 020158

Price: 1.00 USD
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42 Western Medicine and Public Health in Colonial Bombay, 1845-1895

Mridula Ramanna

Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi, India, 2002, 812502302X / 9788125023029, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 
The study examines the twin issues of Western medicine and public health in Bombay during the years 1845?895. The work is the first to explore in detail the complex interrelationship between government, municipality and individual philanthropists over the issues of Western medicine and public health measures. Printed Pages: 284. 031669

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