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1 3, Zakia Mansion

Gouri Dange

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0143104233 / 9780143104230, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed Pages: 176. 022966

Price: 4.95 USD
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2 A Black Englishman

Carolyn Slaughter

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2004, 0-374-11399-8 / 9780374113995, First Edition, Paperback, New, New, 14.5 Cms x 24 Cms 

Price: 11.00 USD
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3 A Blue Hand

Deborah Baker

Penguin/Viking, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0670082287 / 9780670082285, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 16 x 24 Cm 
In 1961, Allen Ginsberg left New York by boat for Bombay. He brought with him his troubled lover, Peter Orlovsky, and a plan to meet up with poets Gary Snyder and Joanne Kyger. He left behind not only fellow Beats Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, and William Burroughs, but also the relentless notoriety that followed the publication of Howl, the epic work that branded him the voice of a generation. Drawing from extensive research, undiscovered letters, journals, and memoirs, acclaimed biographer Deborah Baker has woven a many-layered literary mystery out of Ginsberg’s odyssey. A Blue Hand follows the poet and his companions as they travel from the ashrams of the Himalayan foothills to Delhi opium dens and the burning pyres of Benares. They encounter an India of charlatans and saints, a country of spectacular beauty and spiritual promise and of devastating poverty and political unease. In Calcutta, Ginsberg discovers a circle of hungry young writers whose outrageousness and genius are uncannily reminiscent of his own past. Finally, Ginsberg searches for Hope Savage, the mysterious and beautiful girl whose path, before she disappeared, had crossed his own in Greenwich Village, San Francisco, and Paris. In their restless, comic and oft-times tortured search for meaning, the Beats looked to India for answers while India looked to the West. A Blue Hand is the story of their search for God, for love, and for peace in the shadow of the atomic bomb. It is also a story of India—its gods and its poets, its politics and its place in the American imagination. ‘A fabulous book—comic, tragic, and written with great verve and nerve—about the Beats and their ‘passage to India?—Michael Ondaatje ‘A passionate account of the Beats at home and in the world ?A truly vivid, wonderful book?—Kiran Desai, author of The Inheritance of Loss ‘A fascinating history of the weirdest moment in the long and ongoing European and American search for the answer to it all in India?Wendy Doniger, University of Chicago ‘Baker evokes strange worlds and distant times in a narrative that never fails to flow and that, in the end, is admirably illuminating?Kirkus Reviews ‘[A] thoroughly compelling work of illuminating literary and spiritual history?Booklist ‘A piece of devoted scholarship and legwork?–The New York Times. Printed Pages: 256. 030305

Price: 12.25 USD
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4 A Fine Family: A Novel

Gurcharan Das

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 1990, 0-14-012258-3 / 9780140122589, First Edition, Soft Cover, New, 14 Cms x 21.5 Cms 
Printed pages: 347. 016858

Price: 10.00 USD
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5 A Girl Like Me

Swati Kaushal

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0143103512 / 9780143103516, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
Recently transplanted from the quiet, green suburbs of Minnesota to the bustling concrete jungle that is Gurgaon, sixteen-year-old Anisha Rai is determined not to take to the new place she must call home. While her irrepressible mom, Isha, thrives on the crazy juggling between a hotshot job and their new home, Annie—desperately clutching on to memories of her father whom she lost three years ago—plods through each day with as little enthusiasm as she can. But it’s not going to work, is it? Not when she’s discovered that her goofy childhood friend Keds has transformed into quite a dude and still remembers their first kiss; that she’s been severely infected by her quirky classmates?zest for everything fun despite utmost resistance; that the H-O-T-T college-going theatre enthusiast Kunal wants to teach her a lot more than drama . . . And when her deceptively unassuming neighbours reveal hidden agendas, Annie’s life suddenly becomes hotter to handle than she could ever have imagined. Deftly weaving through home and school and the secret places in Annie’s world, A Girl Like Me is an unforgettable story, crackling at every turn with the heartbreak and promise—and the breathless exuberance—of teenage life. Printed Pages: 344. 024214

Price: 6.95 USD
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6 A Handful of Rice

Kamala Markandaya

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0143102508 / 9780143102502, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
A poignant novel about the triumph of the human spirit over poverty’s privations and predicaments Ravi, the son of a peasant, joins in the general exodus away from destitution. The indifferent and harsh streets of the city lead him to the underworld of petty criminals. A chance misdeed acquaints him with Apu, a tailor. Ravi begins working as Apu’s apprentice, and when he falls in love with Nalini, Apu’s daughter, he joins the already crowded household. Apu dies, and Ravi perseveres with the respectable life, facing the problems of shortage of food, illness, dwindling customers. After the death of his son, he reverts to the life of a petty criminal, and is inexorably drawn towards a dangerous climax. In A Handful of Rice, Kamala Markandaya, best-selling author of Nectar in a Sieve, once again recreates the life of the poor with compassion and respect, presenting an overwhelmingly real book. Printed Pages: 288. 029791

Price: 6.50 USD
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A Letter from India: Contemporary Short Stories from Pakistan, Moazzam Sheikh (ed.)
7 A Letter from India: Contemporary Short Stories from Pakistan

Moazzam Sheikh (ed.)

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2004, 0143030493 / 9780143030492, First Edition, Paperback, New, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
A Letter from India brings together the best short fiction by some of the most important voices of Pakistani literature. Refreshing in their style and diverse in their themes, these stories—in English, and translated from Urdu and Punjabi—reflect a move away from nationalism and parochialism as they examine issues of identity, sexuality, individual freedom and interpersonal relationships. If Intizar Husain’s ‘A Letter from India?presents us with an insight into the psyche of a family torn apart by Partition (and the consequent loss of a family tree), in Asad Mohammad Khan’s ‘The Squatter?we discover pure and simple human love that doesn't lend legitimacy to religious barriers. In Nadir Ali’s ‘Feeqa’s Death?the protagonist’s dream becomes a device to reflect on sudden tragedies wrought upon a community by outside forces, while Zubair’s ‘The Door Is Open?manipulates dreams to deconstruct personal fear and family tyranny. Sorayya Khan’s and Azra Waqar’s stories speak of the lingering pain and guilt that seep into individual lives from national tragedies left unquestioned and unexplored. And while ‘Spots?humanizes social outcasts, Ashu Lal’s ‘Mangoes in the Time of Winter?critiques the decadence of exclusive sub-cultures. Printed Pages: 184. 002764

Price: 4.95 USD
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8 A Noble Queen: A Romance of Indian History

Meadows Taylor

Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, India, 1986, 8120601785 / 9788120601789, Reprint, Hard Cover, New, 
Printed pages: 494. 035417

Price: 15.25 USD
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A Place to Live: Contemporary Tamil Short Fiction, Dilip Kumar (ed.)
9 A Place to Live: Contemporary Tamil Short Fiction

Dilip Kumar (ed.)

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2004, 0143031597 / 9780143031598, First Edition, Paperback, New, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Innumerable strands of ethnic, regional and universal experiences are woven together in this collection of fine short fiction spanning four decades?960_1990—in which the short story emerged as the definitive genre of modern Tamil literature. Twenty-nine famous names are represented here—from Rajanarayanan to Paavannan and many others who have encapsulated the joys, sorrows and peculiar challenges of life in Tamil Nadu. Taken together, these stories represent a certain world view in which old ideas of honour and prestige, and the attitude of resignation—to fate and to social hierarchies—are yielding place to an ethic of struggle and strategic compromise. The language itself is transformed in the process, churning up a new idiom that loses none of its freshness or vitality in translation. Printed Pages: 304. 002765

Price: 10.00 USD
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10 A Shift in the Wind

Aminuddin Khan

HarperCollins Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2005, 81-7223-573-9 / 9788172235734, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed Pages: 310. 023104

Price: 10.00 USD
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11 A Sick Planet

Guy Debord

Seagull Books, Kolkata, India, 2008, 97881905422692, First Edition, Paperback, Brand New, 110 x 180 Mm 
Printed Pages: 104. 021728

Price: 9.95 USD
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12 A Situation in New Delhi

Nayantara Sahgal

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0143102753 / 9780143102755, First Edition, Paperback, New, 14 x 22 Cm 
Shivraj is dead and with him the values with which he had governed the country for over a decade. While his successors destroy the idealistic world he had built, Shivraj’s circle of intimate friends—his sister Devi, the education minister; Usman Ali, vice chancellor of Delhi University; and Michael Calvert, an English writer—struggle to find order in the chaos, even as Rishad, Devi’s son, loses himself in it. Juxtaposing the conflict of personal relationships with the larger canvas of corrupt politics in A Situation in New Delhi, Nayantara Sahgal masterfully weaves a tale that grips the reader from start to finish. Printed Pages: 200. 033609

Price: 6.45 USD
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13 A Suitable Boy

Vikram Seth

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 0140230335 / 9780140230338, Reprint, Paperback, New, 16 x 24 Cm 
Afghanistan-remote, elusive, infamous since September 11, 2001 for most-is a land of wonder, beauty and contrasting strangeness for New Zealand writer Richard Loseby. This is the story of a journey that began in the mind of an eight-year-old boy obsessed with ‘looking for the Afghan?and ended with a perilous dash to safety across more than seven hundred kilometres of mountain and desert. Avoiding land mines and bullets, he spent months traveling through Iraq and Iran negotiating a way into Afghanistan The result is a rare glimpse of the Afghani people themselves, people of warmth, generosity and humour. But this is not just a travel story, it is a story of tenacity of spirit and of promises made and kept. Printed Pages: 240. 036658

Price: 17.95 USD
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14 A Town Called Dehra

Ruskin Bond

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 014306469X / 9780143064695, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
In this delightful collection, Ruskin Bond introduces us to the Dehradun he knows intimately and loves unreservedly—the town that he had spent many years of his childhood and youth in. A town which, when he knew it, was one of pony-drawn tongas and rickshaws; a town fond of gossip but tolerant of human foibles; a town of lush lichi trees, charming winter gardens and cool streams; a small town, a sleepy town, a town called ‘Dehra? With classic stories and poems like ‘Masterji? ‘Growing up with Trees’and ‘A Song for Lost Friends?and previously unpublished treasures like ‘Silver Screen? ‘Dilaram Bazaar?and ‘Lily of the Valley? this anthology is replete with journal entries, extracts from the author’s memoirs and, of course, poetry, non-fiction and stories set in or inspired by Dehra. Evocative, wistful and witty as only Ruskin Bond can be, A Town Called Dehra is a celebration of a dearly-loved town as well as an elegy for a way of life gone extinct. Printed Pages: 240 with 14 b/w illustrations. 028007

Price: 4.95 USD
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15 A Triptych

Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri

Niyogi Books, New Delhi, India, 81-89738-39-6, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 5.3 x 8.25 Inches 
Printed Pages: 124. 033404

Price: 4.25 USD
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16 Above Average: A Novel

Amitabha Bagchi

HarperCollins Publishers and The India Today Group, New Delhi, India, 2007, 81-7223-653-0 / 9788172236533, First Edition, Soft Cover, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed pages: 306. 020511

Price: 5.00 USD
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17 After the Quake

Haruki Murakami; Translated By Jay Rubin

Vintage Books, London, UK, 2002, 0099448564 / 9780099448563, Reprint, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
Printed Pages: 132. 024531

Price: 8.95 USD
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18 Almost Single

Advaita Kala

HarperCollins Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2007, 8172236557 / 9788172236557, First Edition, Paperback, New, 198 x 129 Mm 
'My name is Aisha Bhatia, I am twenty-nine years old and single. I work as a Guest Relations Manager at the Grand Orchid Hotel. I dine at luxury hotels and stay in five-stars during my travels; I can name old and new world wines with great élan, and can tell my cheeses apart. I tolerate my job, hate my boss, and bond big-time with my friends, while routinely suffering from umbilical cord whiplash. I don't really care for my vital stats at the moment, and I don't have a cute/funny nickname either. Hence this introduction: it stinks, but it sticks. In fact, sometimes I think there should be support groups like the AA out there for people like me? Wickedly irreverent and laugh-aloud funny, Almost Single is a delightful romp through the five-star world of champagne brunches, gay soirées, and the dilemmas of hip, young girls on the lookout for love and matrimony. Printed Pages: 284. 023366

Price: 4.95 USD
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19 An Iron Harvest

C.P. Surendran

Roli Books, New Delhi, India, 2006, 81-86939-25-3 / 9788186939253, First Edition, Paperback, New, 8.5 x 5.5 Inches 
John is the young Che Guevara-like leader of a Maoist revolutionary organization, Red Earth, active in Kerala, India. John's classmate, Abe, has gone missing in police custody, though he is a political innocent. John suspects Abe has been tortured to death. Death in police custody was a regular feature of the dark days of the 19-month Emergency, which the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared in a fit of pure paranoia in June 1975, the year of the story. Not able to withstand the brute force of the State, Red Earth begins to disintegrate. But for John, the unlikely revolution he is working at has already taken on the intimate emotional intensity of a vendetta. The fast-paced action of An Iron Harvest revolves in measured grooves around the characters of John, Sebastian, Abe’s elderly father, and the sadistic, sexually troubled Deputy Inspector General of Police, Raman, a killer without a conscience. In bare terms this is the story of one death and three people. An Iron Harvest is based on a real life incident. Printed Pages: 326. 015383

Price: 9.00 USD
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20 Anna Karenina: A Novel in Eight Parts

Leo Tolstoy; Translated By Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky; Preface By John Bayley

Penguin, London, UK, 2006, 0140449175 / 9780140449174, Anniversary Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
Printed Pages: 863. 020279

Price: 11.99 USD
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21 Bandicoots in the Moonlight

Avijit Ghosh

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0143103792 / 9780143103790, First Edition, Paperback, New, 14 x 22 Cm 
Teenage boy Anirban Roy grows up—not a lot wiser—in a small town in ?0s Bihar where his policeman father is posted to pick up intelligence on the looming Naxalite menace. Ganesh Nagar possesses neither village simplicity nor urban slick but observes a line of ethics that defies codification. It takes time for Anirban to learn to juggle adolescent angst and ping-pong hormones, loyal friends and part-time criminals, a bewildering succession of topsy-turvy lessons in life and lust, yet manage to keep the balls in the air. There are close encounters with animals, too: Experiments with reptiles; the sighting of bandicoots in full flight, their sleek coats gleaming in the moonlight; the hazards involved in stealing a parrot nestling; the part played by a domestic fowl in curing snakebite and predicting death; and the unusual role of donkeys in satiating adolescent lust. Rites of passage never got so down and dirty as in journalist Avijit Ghosh’s earthy account of boy-to-manhood in fictional Ganesh Nagar, an introverted district that could exist in India anytime, anywhere. Printed Pages: 248. 024252

Price: 6.00 USD
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22 Baromaas: Twelve Enduring Months

Sadanand Deshmukh, Translated By Vilas Salunke

Popular Prakashan, New Delhi, India, 2013, 8179917770 / 9788179917770, First Edition, Paperback, New, 14 x 22 Cm 
Baromaas: Twelve Enduring Months, a Sahitya Akademi Award winning novel of 2004, presents a gripping tale of a farmer's family in contemporary India. Its realism is so convincing, content so genuine and near perfect, form so aesthetically pleasing that it could become one of the best regional novels in World Literature. A representative tale of Indian farming that depends on the erratic rain-god on the one hand and the expectancy of high market returns on the other both of which rarely come to the farmer's aid the tale develops a point of no return. Deeply rooted in the Vidarbha soil, Sadanand Deshmukh, a regional novelist of repute in Marathi, captures the tragedy of the honest, god-fearing but hard working Tanpure family so faithfully that it could even be compared to the poignancy and realism of the Joads in John Steinbeck's Nobel Prize winning American regional novel The Grapes of Wrath. The tragic inevitability of the plot, its down-to-earth characters and its near perfect realism helps reach the novel to a pinnacle of artistic achievement. Printed pages: 383. 037944

Price: 10.62 USD
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Best Stories from the Indian Classics, V.S. Naravane
23 Best Stories from the Indian Classics

V.S. Naravane

Roli Books, New Delhi, India, 2004, 81-7436-323-8 / 9788174363237, Third Impression, Paperback, New, New, 14 Cms x 22 Cms 
This selection from the Panchatantra, Kadambari and Kathasaritdagara encompasses myth, legend, mystery and fantasy. Palace intrigues, power struggles, tragic schisms, resourceful stratagems are delineated with beauty and power in the Panchatantra. Kadambari is studded with uplifting imagery, brilliant descriptions and sensitive depictions of the female psyche and the urgency of passion . In the Kathasaritsagar, Parvati and Vibhishana, courtiers and merchants appear before our eyes in the different phases of love, anger, and human inventiveness. Printed Pages: 208. 002197

Price: 3.05 USD
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24 Between Eternities: Ideas on Life and the Cosmos

Ashvin Desai

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0143104020 / 9780143104025, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
Printed Pages: 244. 023008

Price: 6.15 USD
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25 Beyond Black Waters: Paar Pare

Joginder Paul; Translated By Vibha S. Chauhan

Penguin Books, New Delhi, India, 2007, 0143103261 / 9780143103264, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
Printed Pages: 128. 019610

Price: 5.75 USD
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26 Bharma's Dream

Shree Ghatage

Roli Books, New Delhi, India, 2006, 81-86939-27-X / 9788186939277, Third Impression, Paperback, New, 8.5 x 5.5 Inches 
Born with a rare form of anaemia, thirteen-year-old Mohini is not expected to live beyond the age of three. Mohini's condition and her impending, inevitable death is the pivot around which the characters of Brahma's Dream live out their lives. But, instead of tragedy, it is humour, the fascinating detail of events as they unfold and, ultimately, the wry and heart-warming wisdom of the girl at the centre of the story that absorbs and envelops the reader. Set in Bombay in the forties, at the defining moment when India emerged from British rule, Brahma's Dream is as much the story of a nation on the move, as of a Maharastrian family that is forward-thinking and ready to embrace the new order, while holding on to the traditions it holds dear. Far from wallowing in self-pity, Mohini is both an astute observer and an active participant in all that goes on in the Oek household. Her parents, Keshav and Kamala, share a passionate love that is at first rent asunder and then, amazingly, healed, by their daughter's illness. Her young aunt, Vasanti, condemned to an early widowhood that no astrologer foretold, believes that there is a reason for this. Mohini's grandfather, Vishnupant, is the patriarch who rules Koleshwar Nivas with a firm and compassionate hand, a professor of history who has devoted his life to making sense of India's past so that the country may fulfil the promise of its future. And, as India surges towards independence, Mohini's family and friends look to her to help make sense and assign meaning to a rapidly changing world. A remarkable debut novel that succeeds in being hugely entertaining and immensely moving, Brahma's Dream explores the Hindu belief that birth, suffering and death are all but a part of a vast continuum in the mind of a god. Printed Pages: 436. 014958

Price: 12.35 USD
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27 Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Haruki Murakami; Translated By Philip Gabriel and Jay Rubin

Vintage Books, London, UK, 2007, 0099512823 / 9780099512820, Reprint, Paperback, New, 11 x 18 Cm 
Printed Pages: 436. 024539

Price: 5.50 USD
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28 Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls

Anirban Bose

HarperCollins Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2008, 8172236832 / 9788172236830, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
Printed Pages: 453. 032694

Price: 4.50 USD
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29 Broken Ties (Rabindra Rachanavali Series)

Rabindranath Tagore

Rupa & Co., New Delhi, India, 2002, 81-7167-739-8 / 9788171677399, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 16 Cm 
Printed Pages: 145. 014216

Price: 4.75 USD
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30 Bunker 13

Aniruddha Bahal

Faber and Faber Limited, London, UK, 2003, 0-571-21742-7 / 9780571217427, First Edition, Paperback, New, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed Pages: 368. 007050

Price: 5.75 USD
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31 Burial at Sea

Khushwant Singh

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2004, 0-14-303261-5 / 9780143032618, First Edition, Paperback, New, 14 Cms x 22 Cms 
In this, his first novella in five years, one of India’s most widely read authors returns to territories he knows best: twentieth-century Indian history, bogus religion, and sexuality. After Nehru, Victor Jai Bhagwan is Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite Indian—a brilliant young man with the temperament of a leader and fiercely committed to his country. Though Victor adores and respects Gandhi, he disagrees with the Mahatma’s vision for the future of India. He returns from university in England determined to bring the benefits of modern industry to the subcontinent and, within a few years of India’s independence, becomes the country’s biggest tycoon. But this is not the only ideal of Gandhi’s that he defies: facing a midlife crisis, he falls passionately in love with a tantric god-woman (who keeps a tiger as her pet and has a dubious past). She introduces him to the pleasures of unbridled sexuality, but also becomes the reason for his downfall. Comic, tender and erotic by turns, Burial at Sea is vintage Khushwant Singh. Printed Pages: 208. 013092

Price: 4.75 USD
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32 Casino Royale

Ian Fleming

Penguin, London, UK, 2006, 0-141-02869-6 / 9780141028699, Reissue, Soft Cover, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed Pages: 213. 016754

Price: 5.00 USD
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33 Chinnery's Hotel

Jaysinh Birjepatil

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0143064762 / 9780143064763, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
Printed pages: 276. 026817

Price: 7.95 USD
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34 Chitra: A Play in One Act (Rabindra Rachnavali Series)

Rabindranath Tagore

Rupa & Co., New Delhi, India, 2002, 81-7167-744-4 / 9788171677443, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 16 Cm 
Printed Pages: 49. 014434

Price: 1.75 USD
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35 Circles of Silence: An Indian Love Story

Preeti Singh

Flame (Hodder & Stoughton), London, UK, 2001, 0-340-82028-4 / 9780340820285, First Edition, Paperback, Very Good, 13 x 19 Cm 
Printed Pages: 503. Slightly rubbed cover. Slight yellowing of pages. 019865

Price: 4.95 USD
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36 Collected Stories

Khushwant Singh

Penguin/Viking in association with Ravi Dayal Publisher, New Delhi, India, 2007, 0670081531 / 9780670081530, First Edition, Hardcover, New, 14.5 x 22.5 Cm 
Khushwant Singh first established his reputation as a writer through the short story. This volume contains all the short stories he has ever written. Printed pages: 480. 020911

Price: 12.50 USD
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37 Contemporary British Fiction

Santosh Gupta and Preeti Bhatt (eds)

Rawat Publications, New Delhi, India, 2007, 81-316-0098-X / 9788131600986, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 288. 032164

Price: 14.25 USD
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38 Countdown

Amitav Ghosh

Penguin/Viking, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0670082104 / 9780670082100, First Penguin Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed pages: 96. 024588

Price: 7.50 USD
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39 Couples

John Updike

Andre Deutsch, London, UK, 1968, 0-233-96074-0 / 9780233960746, First Edition, Hard Cover, Good, Fair, 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 458. Slightly torn binding. Rubbed dust-jacket. 010289

Price: 10.00 USD
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40 Damage

Amrita Kumar

HarperCollins Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2009, First Edition, Paperback, New, 14 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 261. 030355

Price: 7.25 USD
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41 Delhi: A Novel

Khushwant Singh

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 0-14-012619-8 / 9780140126198, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Thus begins Khushwant Singh’s vast, erotic, irrelevant magnum opus on the city of Delhi. The principal narrator of the saga, which extends over six hundred years, is a bawdy, ageing reprobate who loves Delhi as much as he does the hijda whore Bhagmati—half man, half woman with sexual inventiveness and energy of both the sexes. Travelling through time, space and history to ‘discover?his beloved city, the narrator meets a myriad of people—poets and princes, saints and sultans, temptresses and traitors, emperors and eunuchs—who have shaped and endowed Delhi with its very special mystique?And as we accompany the narrator on his epic journey we find the city of emperors transformed and immortalized in our minds for ever. Printed Pages: 392. 012926

Price: 5.95 USD
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42 Dilliz Boyz

Aps Malhotra

Niyogi Books, New Delhi, India, 2011, 8189738879 / 9788189738877, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Angad Khanna, a teenage, middle class boy from a family of Hindus and Sikhs was madly in love with Delhi, the only city he new as Home or Homeland, a city he passionately loved with the fervor of a devout. He was imbibing the elixir of life, discovering the little joys that growing up brings along ?of the first love, the surreptitious initiation into sex, the first drink in the company of a childhood friend, when disaster struck. It was the Orwellian year, 1984, also Angad’s sixteenth year. It was time to learn new lessons, of hate and bloodletting, of compassion and bravery, of despair and death, of hope and optimism. Living as a refugee for fourteen turbulent days in his own city, he found that luck and time were on his side. He returned Home, unlike his father Iqbal, who as a sixteen year old had fled his home in Rawalpindi, dictated by destiny to seek a new Home and Homeland. Dilliz Boyz has cameo descriptions of Delhi ?the real metropolis ?warts and all, its psyche and social fabric woven into the main story line in a beautifully knit, seamless pattern. A malice-free tongue-in-the-cheek comment on Delhi and Delhiwallahs interspersed with the grave and somber description of 1984 riots and the all-pervasive goodness in man that effectively thwarts evil forces and defeats their malicious design and intent through compassion and common sense. A triumph of good over evil. Printed Pages: 158. 036549

Price: 5.95 USD
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43 Dollar Bahu

Sudha Murty

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2007, 0143103768 / 9780143103769, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 x 20 Cm 
A story of how money corrupts the way people look at one another and how it can almost tear a family apart Vinuta marries Girish, a bank clerk, and starts living with his family in Bangalore. She adjusts to her new family well, looking after her husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law Gouramma, not taking to heart her mother-in-law’s constant picking. But when Girish’s elder brother Chandru, who is in the US, decides to get married, Vinuta has to listen to the constant comparisons made between her and Chandru’s wife, the ‘Dollar Bahu? whose husband earns the valuable dollars that has brought the family its recent affluence. Vinuta slowly loses her peace of mind and health. Then Gouramma decides to visit her US-based son and daughter-in-law. Once there, she sees how liberating life can be, away from the strict norms that govern Indian middle-class life. But she also begins to understand that mere dollars cannot buy the love and respect that she gets as her due back in India. Does Gouramma forge a new relationship with Vinuta and can Vinuta forgive and forget the past? Printed Pages: 152. 020907

Price: 3.95 USD
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44 Double Click!: A Foxy 4 Adventure

Subhadra Sen Gupta

Zubaan, New Delhi, India, 2008, 8189884387 / 9788189884383, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, 125 x 220 Mm 
Printed Pages: 176. 024212

Price: 4.95 USD
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45 Edge of Eternity (Book Three of the Century Trilogy)

Ken Follett

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2014, 0451474007 / 9780451474001, Paperback, New, 
Edge of Eternity is the conclusion to an extraordinary history epic called The Century Trilogy. In these books, author Ken Follett, has maintained following the fortunes of five families that are intertwined – American, German, Russian, English and Welsh. The books have seen these families make it through to the twentieth century. Summary of the Book Rebecca Hoffman, an East German teacher, has discovered that she is being spied on by the Stasi. On realizing that this has been happening for years, she does something that will affect her family for life. The offspring of a mixed race couple, George Jakes, has joined Robert F. Kennedy’s justice department. Here, he finds that he is not only in the midst of a civil rights battle, but also one that is personal. Cameron Dewar , grandson to a senator, takes his chance at doing some official and unofficial work for a cause that he believes in. However, he only ends up discovering what a dangerous world he really lives in. Dimka Dvorkin has become an agent for both good and ill causes while the United States and the Soviet Union are close to a nuclear war. On the other hand, his twin sister, Tania, plays a role that takes her to Moscow, Cuba, Prague, Warsow, and eventually into history. Follett has done a great job with the research of the historical background to give us a story that contains characters of rich emotions and fast-paced action. Printed Pages: 960. 038121

Price: 9.25 USD
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46 Edge of Eternity (Book Three of the Century Trilogy)

Ken Follett

Pan Macmillan, New Delhi, India, 2014, 1447281993 / 9781447281993, Paperback, New, 
Edge of Eternity is the third and final part of Ken Follet’s epic historical series, the Century Trilogy. Summary of the Book The five families of the Century Trilogy have braved it all through the 20th century. Now they have reached the difficult period of the 1960s to the 1980s. It is an era of social, political and economic turmoil. The times are rife with demonstrations for civil rights, political assassinations, mass political movements, the Vietnam War, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis and presidential impeachment, revolution and the magic and promise of rock and roll. Rebecca Hoffman’s world as an East German teacher is shaken up as she discovers that the Stasi has been spying on her for years. She reacts by committing an impulsive act that will affect her family for as long as they live. George Jakes is the child of a mixed-race couple. He gives up a chance to pursue a corporate law career to join Robert F. Kennedy’s Justice Department. He soon finds himself right in the centre of the principal events of a civil rights battle, not to mention a battle closer to home than he desires. Cameron Dewar is the grandson of a senator. He is excited at the prospects of being able to undertake some official and unofficial espionage for a cause he believes in. However, he will learn that the world is a much more dangerous place than he’d imagined. Dimka Dvorkin is a young aide to Nikita Khrushchev. She becomes a principal player as the United States of America and the Soviet Union race towards nuclear war. However, Dimka’s twin sister, Tania, is carving out a role for herself that will etch her name into history and take her from Moscow to Cuba to Prague to Warsaw. Printed Pages: 1002. 038122

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47 Epic Love Stories, 5 Vols.

Ashok K. Banker

Westland Books Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India, 2013, 9789382618362, Paperback with a Slipcase, New, 11.5 x 18 Cm 
This Boxset Include These Titles 1.) Shakuntala and Dushyanta 2.) Ganga and Shantanu 3.) Satyavati and Shantanu 4.) Amba and Bhishma 5.) Devayani, Sharmishtha and Yayati Set of 5 Volumes. Printed pages: 458. 037717

Price: 14.97 USD
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48 Extraordinary Child: Poems from a South Indian Devotional Genre

Paula Richman (trs.)

Penguin, New Delhi, India, 2008, 0143063170 / 9780143063179, First Edition, Paperback, New, 13 Cms x 20 Cms 
Printed Pages: 312. 023515

Price: 8.75 USD
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49 Extreme Turbulence: India at the Crossroads

Upendra Kachru

HarperCollins Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2007, 8172236018 / 9788172236014, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 210 x 140 Mm 
It took mankind 50,000 years to reach its first significant technological milestone: a six-inch blade that touched off a series of rapid changes in the life of the Stone Age people. Today, the milestones come at dizzying pace, and every decade or so produces a breakthrough that transforms our lives—from the food we eat to how we communicate with others. Transformed too are the ways in which countries jostle for advantage in the global marketplace. And those who cannot compete, whether it be individuals or businesses or nations, fall by the wayside. Extreme Turbulence: India at the Crossroads provides an overview of where the world is at this inflection point in history, in respect of trade, technology, energy, resources, population and the environment, among other things. More important, it looks at how India is placed in these areas, and how it can benefit from the transformed global scenario in the coming years, if it is to move up to a place in the super league. There is already a belief, in middle-class India, that the country is on its way to becoming an economic superpower in the near future. This belief, warns Upendra Kachru, is fraught with danger. For in this changing scenario, the benefits are great, but the costs of failure are equally high. In assessing just where India could be and how best it can get there, he looks not only at competitive and resource advantages but also some key weaknesses that we have to overcome to sustain high growth and remove the widespread poverty—the quality of governance, a bureaucracy that is mired in red tape, and rampant corruption, for instance. In doing so, he presents a remarkably clear picture of a complex situation that will be invaluable to anyone who has ever tried to crystal gaze. 'Turbulence in our lives is caused by a series of factors: by the forces of change in various fields; by scientific discoveries; by social, economic and political restructuring; by the impact of globalization; and by the inability of the environment to sustain our needs. As also changing lifestyles and values. These irregular and random changes are becoming more and more frequent, resulting in a continuous churning of our immediate environment. And when change happens with such frequency and rapidity, it results in extreme turbulence. The noted American sociologist Daniel Bell and many other theorists support the view that the opportunities and threats seen in today's world have not been encountered in the history of mankind. The challenges that have to be faced today are different. Today's environment is dynamic in nature. The frontiers of the external environment are moving ever so often. Printed Pages: 384. 021426

Price: 9.95 USD
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50 Fantasies of a Bollywood Love Thief: Inside the World of Indian Moviemaking

Stephen Alter

HarperCollins Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2007, 8172236964 / 9788172236960, First Edition, Paperback, New, 198 x 129 Mm 
A lively romp through the fascinating world of Hindi cinema, Fantasies of a Bollywood Love Thief tracks the making of Omkara, Vishal Bhardwaj's highly acclaimed adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello, from the hours-long script narration for the actors to the star-studded premiere. Interspersed with interviews with Bollywood's best-known directors, lyricists, producers and actors, including Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, Madhur Bhandarkar and the inimitable Dev Anand, Alter's account of behind-the-scenes Bollywood is informative, insightful and often quite funny. Printed Pages: 296. 021423

Price: 7.95 USD
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