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1 A Handbook of Social Science Research

Beverly R. Dixon, Gary D. Bouma, and G.B.J. Atkinson

Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 1987, 0-19-878024-9 / 9780198780243, First Edition, Hardbound, Fine, Good, 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 238. Slightly rubbed dust-jacket. 009908

Price: 40.00 USD
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2 Adjustment to Retirement: A Cross-national Study

R.J. Havighurst, J.M.A. Munnichs, B. Neugarten, and H. Thomae (eds.)

Van Gorcum & Comp., B.V., Assen, The Netherlands, 1972, 90-232-0011-X / 9789023200116, Third, Unrevised Edition, Hard Cover, Very Good, Fair, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 207. Scratched dust-jacket. 009752

Price: 75.00 USD
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3 Advances in Archaeological Method and Theory: Volume 8

Michael B. Schiffer (ed.)

Academic Press, London, UK, 0-12-003108-6 / 9780120031085, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Brand new copy. 011463

Price: 200.00 USD
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4 Advances in World Archaeology: Volume 1, 1982

Fred Wendorf and Angela E. Close (eds.)

Academic Press, London, UK, 1982, 0-12-039901-6 / 9780120399017, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, 20 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 402. 004318

Price: 75.00 USD
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5 Advances in World Archaeology: Volume 2, 1983

Fred Wendorf and Angela E. Close (eds.)

Academic Press, London, UK, 1983, 0-12-039902-4 / 9780120399024, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, 20 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 369. 004319

Price: 75.00 USD
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6 Advances in World Archaeology: Volume 3, 1984

Fred Wendorf and Angela E. Close (eds.)

Academic Press, London, UK, 1984, 0-12-039903-2 / 9780120399031, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, 20 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 424. 004320

Price: 75.00 USD
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7 Aging: Asian Concepts and Experiences. Past and Present

Susanne Formanek and Sepp Linhart (eds.)

Verlag Der Osterreichischen Akademie Der Wissenchaften, Wien, Austria, 1997, 3-7001-2473-2 / 9783700124733, First Edition, Paperback, Fine, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 407. 004207

Price: 100.00 USD
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8 Alluvial Geoarchaeology: Floodplain Archaeology and Environmental Change (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology Series)

A.G. Brown

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1997, 0-521-56820-X / 9780521568203, First Edition, Paperback, Brand New, 18 Cms x 25 Cms 
This comprehensive manual is designed to give archaeologists the necessary background knowledge in environmental science required to excavate and analyse archaeological sites by rivers and on floodplains. Part I covers the techniques for studying alluvial environments, while Part II reviews the literature on the archaeology of alluvial environments and presents new information on alluviation and site formation in both the British Isles and Mediterranean. An important theme running through the book is the interaction between climatic and cultural forces and the transformation of riverine environments. Bringing together information on the evolution and exploitation of floodplain and river landscapes, it draws on examples from Britain, Europe, North America and Australasia. Alluvial Geoarchaeology will also interest physical geographers, geologists and environmental scientists. Contents Introduction and the example of the Nile; Part I. Principles: 1. Floodplain evolution; 2. Alluvial environments over time; 3. Interpreting floodplain sediments and soils; 4. Floodplain ecology, archaeobotany and archaeozoology; Part II. Application: 5. Artifacts from floodplains and rivers; 6. The rise and fall of forested floodplains in North West Europe; 7. Buried sites; 8. Managed floodplains; 9. The cultural archaeology of floodplains; 10. People, floodplains and environmental change; Appendices: 1. River flow and sediment transport; 2. Flood frequency analysis; 3. Documentary evidence and wetland perceptions. Printed Pages: 401 with 29 half-tones and 131 figures. Dust-jacket slightly rubbed. 008670

Price: 49.00 USD
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9 American Folklife

Don Yoder (ed.)

University of Texas Press, Austin, Texas, USA, 1977, 0-292-70308-2 / 9780292703087, First Edition, Hard Cover, Good, Fair, 19 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 312 with numerous b/w illustrations. 008476

Price: 20.00 USD
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10 Ancient Settlement Pattern in Orissa (with special Reference to Bhubaneswar)

Gyanendra Nath Srivastava

Agam Kala Prakashan, New Delhi, India, 2006, 81-7320-056-4 / 9788173200564, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 317 with 43 b/w plates. 013176

Price: 20.50 USD
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11 Anthropology (Sixth Edition)

William A. Haviland

Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, USA, 1991, 0-03-043537-4 / 9780030435379, Sixth Edition, Paperback, Good, 19 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 729. Scratched cover. 009774

Price: 25.00 USD
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12 Archaeological Excavations in Central India: Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

R.K. Sharma and O.P. Misra

Mittal Publications, New Delhi, India, 2003, 81-7099-874-3 / 9788170998747, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 19 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 253 with numerous b/w illustrations. 011163

Price: 21.25 USD
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13 Archaeological Geography of the Ganga Plain: The Lower and the Middle Ganga

Dilip K. Chakrabarti

Permanent Black, New Delhi, India, 2003, 81-7824-016-5 / 9788178240169, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 
Printed Pages: 360 with 24 b/w plates. 003630

Price: 19.75 USD
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14 Archaeological Theory and Scientific Practice: Topics in Contemporary Archaeology

Andrew Jones

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2001, 0-521-79060-3 / 9780521790604, First Edition, Hard Cover, Brand New, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Is archaeology an art or a science? This question has been hotly debated over the last few decades with the rise of archaeological science. At the same time, archaeologists have seen a change in the intellectual character of their discipline, as many writers have adopted approaches influenced by social theory. The discipline now encompasses both archaeological scientists and archaeological theorists, and discussion regarding the status of archaeology remains polarised. Andrew Jones argues that we need to analyse the practice of archaeology. Through an analysis of archaeological practice, influenced by recent developments in the field of science studies, and with the aid of extensive case studies, he develops a new framework which allows the interpretative and methodological components of the discipline to work in tandem. His reassessment of the status and character of archaeology will be of interest to students, scholars and professionals. Contents 1. The archaeology of ‘two cultures? 2. Science as culture: creating interpretative networks; 3. Archaeology observed; 4. Materials, science and material culture: practice and narrative; 5. Material culture and materials science: a biography of things; 6. A biography of ceramics in Neolithic Orkney; 7. Making people and things in the Neolithic: pots, food and history; 8. Before and after science. Printed Pages: 222. 009442

Price: 72.00 USD
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15 Archaeological Theory Today

Ian Hodder (ed.)

Polity Press, Cambridge, UK, 2005, 0-7456-2269-0 / 9780745622699, Reprint, Paperback, New, 15.5 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 325. 011528

Price: 34.99 USD
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16 Archaeology as History in Early South Asia

Himanshu Prabha Ray and Carla M. Sinopoli (eds.)

Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi in Association with Aryan Books International, New Delhi, New Delhi, India, 2004, 81-7305-270-0 / 9788173052705, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 19 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 530. 002880

Price: 55.00 USD
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17 Archaeology of Medieval India

Madhukar Shripad Mate

B. R. Publishing Corporation, Delhi, 2005, 81-7646-432-5 / 9788176464321, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 9 Cms x 11 Cms 
Printed pages: 107 with various Black & White and Coloured Illustrations and Photographs 015972

Price: 16.45 USD
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18 Between Ethnography and Fiction: Verrier Elwin and the Tribal Question in India

T.B. Subba and Sujit Som (eds.)

Orient Longman, New Delhi, India, 2005, 81-250-2812-9 / 9788125028123, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 268. 010239

Price: 14.00 USD
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19 Brahma Sri: Researches in Archaeology, History and Culture in the New Millennium: Dr P.V. Parabrahma Sastry Felicitation Volume, 2 Vols.

Dr P. Chenna Reddy (ed.)

Sharada Publishing House, New Delhi, India, 2004, 81-88934-16-X / 9788188934164, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Set of 2 vols. 011269

Price: 90.00 USD
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20 Caste and Christianity: Attitudes and Policies on Caste of Anglo-Saxon Protestant Missions in India

Duncan B. Forrester

Curzon Press, London, UK, 1980, 0-7007-0129-X / 9780700701292, First Edition, Hard Cover, Very Good, Fair, 14 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 235. 011810

Price: 45.00 USD
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21 Children and Anthropological Research

Barbara Butler and Diane Michalski Turner (eds.)

Plenum Press, New York, USA, 1987, 0-306-42499-1 / 9780306424991, First Edition, Hard Cover, Very Good, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 172. Bumped corners and slightly scratched cover. 009775

Price: 85.00 USD
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22 China's Peasants: The Anthropology of a Revolution

Sulamith Heins Potter and Jack M. Potter

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1990, 0-521-35521-4 / 9780521355216, First Edition, Hard Cover, As New, As New, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 373. Brand new copy. Slight marks on the dust-jacket. 003638

Price: 80.00 USD
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23 Common Efforts in the Development of Rural Sarawak, Malaysia

B.G. Grijpstra

Van Gorcum, Assen, The Netherlands, 1976, 90-232-1408-0 / 9789023214083, First Edition, Paperback, Fine, Fair, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 231 with numerous maps and tables. 006442

Price: 35.00 USD
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24 Context of a Late Neandertal: Implications of Multidisciplinary Research for the Transition to Upper Paleolithic Adaptations at Saint-Cesaire, Charente-Maritime, France (Monographs in World Archaeology: No. 16)

Francois Leveque, Anna Mary Backer, and Michael Guilbaud (eds.)

Prehistory Press, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 1-881094-05-7 / 9781881094050, First Edition, Paperback, Brand New, Brand New, 22 Cms x 28 Cms 

Price: 45.00 USD
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25 Cultural Interface of India with Asia: Religion, Art and Architecture (National Museum Institute Monograph Series, No. 1)

Anupa Pande and Parul Pandya Dhar (eds.); Foreword By R.D. Chowdhury

D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd., New Delhi, India, 2004, 81-246-0262-X / 9788124602621, First Edition, Hard Cover with a Slipcase, New, New, 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 434 with numerous colour and b/w plates. 003453

Price: 149.00 USD
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26 Daddy, We Hardly Knew You

Germaine Greer

Hamish Hamilton, London, UK, 1989, 0-241-12538-3 / 9780241125380, First Edition, Hard Cover, Good, Good, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 311. Soiled dust-jacket. Bumped boards. Pages have become slightly yellow. 012472

Price: 5.00 USD
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27 Delhi Iron Pillar: New Insights

R. Balasubramaniam

Indian Institute of Advanced Study in Association with Aryan Books International, New Delhi, India, 2002, 81-7305-223-9 / 9788173052231, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 23 x 29 Cm 
Printed Pages: 192 with 57 colour and 64 b/w plates. 014569

Price: 40.60 USD
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28 Diversity and Development in English-related Creoles

Ian F. Hancock (ed.)

Karoma Publishers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 1985, 0-89720-064-0 / 9780897200646, First Edition, Paperback, Very Good, 14 Cms x 22 Cms 
Printed Pages: 176. 007941

Price: 35.00 USD
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29 Domination and Resistance (One World Archaeology Series, Volume 3)

Daniel Miller, Michael Rowlands and Christopher Tilley (eds.)

Unwin Hyman, Boston, USA, 1989, 0-04-445022-2 / 9780044450221, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 352. 004351

Price: 85.00 USD
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30 Early Pandyan Iconometry

S. Gopalakrishnan; Foreword By Raju Kalidos

Sharada Publishing House, New Delhi, India, 2005, 81-88934-21-6 / 9788188934218, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 19.5 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 166 with numerous b/w plates and line diagrams. 010619

Price: 25.25 USD
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31 Emergence of Early Culture in North-east India: A Study Based on Excavations at Bhaitbari, Meghalaya

A.K. Sharma

Aryan Books International, New Delhi, India, 1993, 81-7305-010-4 / 9788173050107, First Edition, Hard Cover, Good, Fair, 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 109 with numerous b/w plates and folding maps. Torn and rubbed dust-jacket. 011337

Price: 20.00 USD
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32 Ethnicity and Class: Social Divisions in an Indian City

Gopa Sabharwal

Oxford University Press, New Delhi, India, 2006, 0-19-567830-3 / 9780195678307, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
This is a detailed study of ethnicity. The volume analyses the origins of the concept, explores its relation to identity formation and social discourse on it through the exhaustive study of an Indian city. The book attempts to develop a general theory of ethnicity in urban India for Indian sociology. The main contention of the study is to suggest departure from the definition of ethnic group as caste or religion based and to widen the discussion to the actual constituents of an ethnic group both in a rural and urban setting. The work explores the existing literature on ethnicity and revisits the utility of this enterprise through a demonstration of the multiple character of ethnic groups, providing detailed data and its implication for urban India s social problems. Printed Pages: 304. 016680

Price: 14.00 USD
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33 European Travellers In India During the 15th, 16th & 17th Centuries


Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, India, 1991, 8120607104 / 9788120607101, Reprint, Hard Cover, New, 
Printed pages: 290. 034470

Price: 11.50 USD
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34 Evolution of Calcutta Customs: A Study in History

A.K.Raha and Swadesh Basu

Rupa & Co., New Delhi, India, 2000, 81-7167-483-6 / 9788171674831, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 16 Cms x 23.5 Cms 
Printed pages: 242. 017302

Price: 18.00 USD
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35 Excavations at Bairat

Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni

Publication Scheme, Jaipur, India, 1999, 81-86782-37-0 / 9788186782378, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 23 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 77 with numerous b/w plates and folding maps. 011334

Price: 19.00 USD
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36 Findings in Indian Archaeology

B. Ch. Chhabra

Sundeep Prakashan, New Delhi, India, 1991, 81-85067-76-7 / 9788185067766, First Edition, Hardcover, Good, Fair, 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 392 with numerous b/w plates. Torn dust jacket. 014590

Price: 17.00 USD
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37 Folk Culture of The Misings of Assam: Tradition and Change

Ashok Sarma

Decent Books, New Delhi, India, 2004, 81-86921-27-3 / 9788186921272, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 19 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 248 with numerous colour plates. 003445

Price: 25.50 USD
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38 Folk Tales from Kammu - III: Pearls of Kammu Literature

Kristina Lindell, Jan-Ijvind Swahn, and Damrong Tayanin

Curzon Press, London, UK, 1984, 0-7007-0170-2 / 9780700701704, First Edition, Paperback, Very Good, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 388. Slightly rubbed cover. 011812

Price: 14.00 USD
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Folk Tales From Tibet, Capt. W.F. O'Connor
39 Folk Tales From Tibet

Capt. W.F. O'Connor

Pilgrims Books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India, 2004, 81-7769-202-X / 9788177692020, First Edition, Paperback, New, New, 5.5 x 8.5 Inches 
Folk Tales from Tibet is a collection of some of the most exquisite stories from Tibet recorded by Captain W F O'Connor. These tales were collected during his tenure as secretary and interpreter with the Lhasa Mission of 1904. They were compiled at a time when the western world know little or nothing about this mystical and exotic country. Hidden high up in the trans-Himalayan Plateau, Tibet separates two of the most ancient cultures, namely China and India. Both have played a big part in its development. The introduction of Buddhism from India changed the life styles and beliefs of the Tibetan people and helped them to develop into a highly conscious Buddhist society. Still its Bon Po origins and traditions are evident in the Buddhist way of life. This is clearly reflected in the psyche of the Tibetan Peoples. It is also perceptible whilst reading these stories. Carefully selected, these tales give a complete picture of the life and styles of the Tibetan peoples of the times. Like all folk tales they are very representative of the cultures that they attempt to portray. Even though most of the tales according to the author fine their origins in both India and China, they have been moulded by time to be representative of the Tibetan culture as well. With the addition of some Tibetan love songs and poetry this volume provides excellent reading for all. Printed Pages: 176. 002350

Price: 5.95 USD
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40 Forest Tribes of Orissa: Lifestyle and Social Conditions of Selected Orissan Tribes: Vol. 2: The Kuttia Kondh

Mihir K. Jena, Padmini Pathi, Kamala Kumari Patnaik, and Klaus Seeland

D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd., New Delhi, India, 2006, 81-246-0349-9 / 9788124603499, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 15 x 23 Cm 
Printed Pages: 583 with numerous colour plates. 014039

Price: 26.00 USD
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41 Freedom and Constraint: A Memorial Tribute to Max Gluckman

Myron J. Aronoff (ed.)

Van Gorcum, Assen, The Netherlands, 1976, 90-232-1392-0 / 9789023213925, First Edition, Paperback, Good, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 179. Rubbed and scratched covers. 009134

Price: 25.00 USD
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42 From the Baltic to the Black Sea: Studies in Medieval Archaeology (One World Archaeology Series, Volume 18)

David Austin and Leslie Alcock (eds.)

Unwin Hyman, Boston, USA, 1990, 0-04-445119-9 / 9780044451198, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 344. 004349

Price: 110.00 USD
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43 Gendered Citizenship: Historical and Conceptual Explorations

Anupama Roy

Orient Longman, New Delhi, India, 2005, 81-250-2797-1 / 9788125027973, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 299. 010652

Price: 13.50 USD
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44 Glimpses of Karnataka Folklore

Dr Hebbale K. Nagesh

Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, New Delhi, India, 2004, 81-8090-047-9 / 9788180900471, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 19 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 98 with colour plates. 003665

Price: 9.05 USD
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45 Hajji Firuz Tepe, Iran: The Neolithic Settlement (Hasanlu Excavation Reports: Volume I)

Mary M. Voigt

The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, 1983, 0-934718-49-0 / 9780934718493, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, No Jacket, 22.5 Cms x 29 Cms 
Printed Pages: 458 with numerous b/w plates. 005788

Price: 75.00 USD
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46 Harappan Civilization: Homogeneity and Heterogeneity

Vijneshu Mohan

B.R. Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, India, 2005, 81-7646-475-9 / 9788176464758, First Edition, Hardcover, New, New, 19 x 25 Cm 
Printed Pages: 319. 016331

Price: 27.00 USD
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47 Hidden Tribes of India

Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone with a Preface By Dominique Lapierre

Local Colour, London, UK, 962-8711-03-2 / 9789628711031, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 27 Cms x 36 Cms 

Price: 84.99 USD
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48 Historiography of Women's Cultural Traditions

Maaike Meijer and Jetty Schaap (eds.)

Foris Publications, Berlin, Germany, 1987, 90-6765-276-8 / 9789067652766, First Edition, Paperback, Fine, Fine, 17 Cms x 25 Cms 
Printed Pages: 203. Language, Culture and Women Future Series: Volume 3. 006558

Price: 60.00 USD
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49 Home, Work and Class Consciousness

Marilyn Porter

Manchester University Press, Manchester, UK, 1983, 0-7190-0899-9 / 9780719008993, First Edition, Hard Cover, Good, Fair, 15 Cms x 23 Cms 
Printed Pages: 195. Pages are slightly yellow. 009795

Price: 25.00 USD
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50 Houses and Households: A Comparative Study

Richard E. Blanton

Plenum Press, New York, USA, 1994, 0-306-44444-5 / 9780306444449, First Edition, Hard Cover, New, New, 16 Cms x 24 Cms 
Printed Pages: 285. 004337

Price: 150.00 USD
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